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H.S.S.E Policy

Tiong Woon Corporation Holding Ltd (Tiong Woon or the Group) recognises that environment, occupational health and safety are essential for its overall business objectives. Thus, the Group committed to achieve a sound H.S.S.E performance by:

  • Complying with relevant H.S.S.E legislation and other requirements

  • Identifying significant environmental aspects and safety hazards/risks

  • Eliminating or minimising accidents and incidents, environmental pollutions and resource depletion wherever reasonably practicable to do so

  • Providing H.S.S.E education and training for employees including contractors

  • Implementing H.S.S.E objectives & targets, management programs, and appropriate control measures

  • Communicating H.S.S.E related concerns with its employees and all relevant external parties including contractors, visitors and general public

  • Regularly assessing compliance with H.S.S.E policy through periodic monitoring, evaluation and reports on its H.S.S.E performance

With management leadership and employee involvement, the Group shall work as a team to constantly maintain and improve its H.S.S.E management systems in all business activities and services provided to its clients anywhere in the world.